Friday, June 23, 2017

Republicans Vote for Republicans. Always.

Like I been sayin' for years, Charlie Pierce:
The biggest mistake the Ossoff campaign made was relying too heavily on the notion that there were Republican voters in that district that could be broken off from their party. This almost is never the case. Through decades of constant and unrelenting pressure, and through finagling with the franchise in a hundred ways in a thousand places, the Republicans have compressed the votes they need into an unmovable, diamond-hard core that will vote in robotic lockstep for whoever it is that wins a Republican primary. In American politics today, mindlessness is one of the strongest weapons you can have. Republicans vote for Republicans in Republican districts.
Not just in republican districts, either.  There is no force in the universe that will compel republican voters to vote for anyone who does not have a "R" next to her name.

That's why the myth of the Obama voters who voted for Trump is such a vicious, motherfucking lie.  In a Venn Diagram of "people who voted for Obama" and "people who voted for Trump" there is zero overlap between the two circles. Someone who voted for Obama then voted for Trump is a fish that suddenly sprouted wings and flew to the moon.

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Mycue23 said...

I wrote this on blog just after the election, "The resources utilized in trying to attract the white rural middle class was significant and the return was minimal. The democratic party has muted its appeal to its most loyal and consistent voters in the false hope of attracting white republicans. This is fools gold and needs to stop immediately. The middle of the road is where dreams go to die."

I don't think they've gotten the message.