Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gov. Bevin's New Anti-Crime Program: Pray It Away

And of course this is not just a cynical ploy to exploit African-American religiousness to put black community activists in the path of black criminals.  No, of course not.

This is not about race, because nothing is ever about race.

Juanita Jean:

The Republican Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, has a solution to crime in his capital city: “Volunteer patrols that will not report or stop criminal activity, but pray it away.”
Bevin suggested at a community meeting that volunteer groups of between three and 10 people would adopt specific blocks and walk around them while praying, according to WHAS, the Louisville ABC station.
You know, you walk to a corner, pray for the people, talk to people along the way,” Bevin said, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. “No songs, no singing, no bullhorn, no T-shirts, no chanting. Be pleasant, talk to the people, that’s it.”
That’s it, y’all.

We will meet at the south gate of the White House and pray like the dickens that God shoves Donald Trump out so we can change the locks.  Apparently, that’s all there is to it.
A couple of points:  Frankfort, population 27,557, is the third-smallest capitol city in the nation.  While it boasts a couple of sketchy neighborhoods, one just a few blocks from the Capitol where Bevin works and Governor's Mansion where he does not live, it ain't the kind of urban core Bevin and his conservative buddies like to terrify the suburban white folks about.

"Pray Away the Crime" is bullshit and Bevin knows it.  I just hope the people he's really targeting figure it out and tell him to pray his own damn crimes away.

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