Thursday, June 22, 2017

Racist, Anti-Gay Hate Flourishing in Trumpie Bevin's Child Service

president and governor have made it clear that only white, straight, male christians have rights in this country now.
A Clark County couple has filed suit against the Department for Community Based Services of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and three related individuals after they say their foster parental rights were revoked because they are black and gay.

Tiniqua Gay and Felicia Gay, both of Winchester, received their foster parent certificates in 2013, according to the suit. In May 2015 and June 2016, the couple became foster parents for two baby girls who are sisters. In January, the couple told the Cabinet they wished to adopt the babies as the biological mother’s parental rights were being terminated in May.
An April incident involving a case worker's failure to intervene in an argument led to the Gays filing a complaint against the case worker.
After the complaint was filed, the couple received a phone call from Kristy Kidd, a regional supervisor for the department for Community Based Services, saying that the babies would be removed from their care because of the fight and the Cabinet could not “allow a situation to exist that is not in the best interest of the children” and that the couple would not receive any future foster children placements, the lawsuit said.

In May, the Cabinet closed the Gays’ foster home, despite the Gays writing a letter saying they would not close their home.
Kentucky's child services are begging for foster parents. There is an enormous emergency need for homes for abused and abandoned children.  But apparently black and gay parents need not apply.

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