Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do Or Die Time: Mitch Schedules Health Care Execution for Thursday

The Rude Pundit says it best:

Look, it's time to stick a pin in the left's Russia hard-on right now in order to get all hands, voices and boots on deck to stop the American Health Care Act from passage. It's a terrible bill filled with terrible ideas, concocted by terrible human beings.  So it's time for Maddow/Hayes/O'Donnell/Reid and whoever else to knock off the financial conflict and espionage stories for a while and go whole hog on this.

Right now, Democrats are doing something by denying unanimous consent to proceed on any votes in the Senate, and they are holding the floor in a "talkathon" speeches about the unfair process. But these delay tactics need to be followed by even more. The "filibuster by amendment" is one approach, where Democrats keep proposing amendments that have to be voted on until Republicans agree to hold hearings on the bill. Pressure needs to be brought to bear on the seemingly wavering Republican senators, who need to be reminded who will be blamed when the AHCA doesn't do any of the shit voters were promised.

One last thing needs to happen, and I'm frankly stunned that it hasn't happened yet. The Affordable Care Act is the signature achievement of the Obama presidency.  Where the fuck is he? Why the fuck isn't Barack Obama barnstorming the country, riling people up? He gets to protect his legacy.  Enough of being above the fray.

Fuck that.  Lives are on the line, man,and a bunch of vicious assholes are shitting all over him.

Obama, Biden, get 'em all out there, giving interviews, tearing into the cruelty of those who want to turn back the clock. 

This is life and death, motherfuckers. Let's all act like it is.
Call your Senators.  Do it right now.

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