Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cowardly KY Gov. Blocks and Threatens Critics

Just like his hero the Orange Loser, Whiny-Ass Titty Baby Mattie can't deal with the reality of elected office.


But as Bevin ramped up his criticism and online dispatches, he’s also blocked more than 500 Twitter users from following him, according to records released this week by ProPublica, a national investigative newsroom. 

Bevin’s list of blocked social media users — obtained by ProPublica through a records request — includes many people who have shared their disdain for Bevin or President Donald Trump.
We're not talking about stalkers or people who threaten violence; those should be reportedto police anyway.  No, we're talking about people who dared to express on social media  their contempt for the poor-bashing, rich-fellating repugs who are destroying the country
Attorney General Andy Beshear said his office, which weighs violations of the Open Records Act, has never issued an opinion “about the nature of social media and whether blocking someone violates the open records law.” 

To date, no one has filed an appeal challenging a public official’s social media blockade.
Beshear declined to share his views on the matter and called it inappropriate because the office may have to tackle the issue in the future. 

Beshear said he has never blocked anyone on Twitter. The Twitter account of his predecessor, Attorney General Jack Conway, had barred several followers. Beshear said he had his staff unblock those users.
Democracy sucks, and public office is not a fucking vacation. Deal with it, cowards.

Whoops, almost forgot this little gem: After  playing Governor Freakazoid for a year and a half, telling churches to violate the Constitution by getting into partisan politics, our poopy-diapered "leader" is threatening critical pastors with hell

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