Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Resistance: E. KY Tells Nazis to Fuck Off and Die

They may have given the Orange Loser 80 percent of their votes, but they're not tolerating this shit.

James Bruggers at the Courier:

Southeast Kentucky residents are organizing two rallies in opposition to white nationalists who have chosen to come to Pike and Floyd counties to recruit new members and hold their own demonstration.

The Unity for a Diverse Appalachia rally will be  April 28 from 5-8 p.m. at Jenny Wiley State Park to counter an announced gathering there by white-power groups.

"This hateful group plans to hold a dinner on the night of April 28 (at the state park) and we plan on being there to remind them that their ideologies are not welcome among our people," a Facebook event page said.

Then the next day, the Rally for Equality and American Values will "hopefully far eclipse anything that the neo-Nazis bring to Pikeville," said Christian Tyler Marcum, a Pikeville resident and medical student at the University of Pikeville. "We're going to show the state, and the country, that these people do not reflect Kentucky values."


Marcum said the Pikeville counter-event is nonpartisan and will feature Republic and Democratic party speakers in addition to music.

"So long as you value fairness and equality as bedrock American principles, you are welcome here," a posting on the event's Facebook page says.

That rally will be held 2-5 p.m. at Pikeville City Park, about 200 yards from where the white-power groups are planning to hold their event at the same time, Marcum said, adding the separation is intended to avoid conflict: "The idea is to not have a screaming match."

People are encouraged to bring photos of family members who fought Naziism in World War II.

He said organizers have been contacted by national organizations and are discouraging people from coming from outside Kentucky or Appalachia. "We don't want it to be hijacked by busloads from out of state," he added.
My grandfather fought those motherfuckers in North Africa and Italy, contracting the Hepatitis C that killed him at 58. He was born and raised in the mountains. It would not surprise me if he rose up out of his grave to kick some skinhead ass in April.

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