Saturday, February 11, 2017

KY Repug Reps Too Scared to Face Constituents

All over the country, people are turning out by the thousand to demand their representatives do their fucking jobs, but we can't do that in Kentucky because all of our piece of shit repug congress critters are hiding under their beds, sniveling and shitting themselves in terror because a bunch of elderly, obese, disabled voters might ask them questions.

Brand-new First District Rep James Comer: ZERO Town Halls

Old Second District Rep. Brett Guthrie:  ZERO Town Halls

Hypocritical Fourth District Rep. Thomas Massie:  ZERO Town Halls

REALLY Old Fifth District Rep. Hal Rogers:  ZERO Town Halls

Smarmy Sixth District Rep. Candy Barr:  ZERO Town Halls

Only Democratic Third District Rep. John "Congressman Awesome" John Yarmuth is showing his face in public.

Now we happen to be personally acquainted with some of Yarmuth's more politically involved constituents, and we can testify that they know how to get loud and rowdy at elected officials.  And we have also seen Yarmuth in action facing those loud and rowdy crowds, and the man does not back down.  He knows that his job is to represent his constituents and show them respect because he works for them.  Unlike Comer, Guthrie, Massie, Rogers and Barr, Yarmuth is not afraid of the people who elected him.

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