Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Orange Loser Authorizes Yet More Lubeless Fucking of the White Working Class

You're getting just exactly what you voted for, motherfuckers.  Don't you ever let us hear you whining about it. 
Those nice white "forgotten people" will now be free to have their pensions swindled out from underneath them by sharpies whose bonuses depend on how much money they can steal. They will find themselves paying usurious interest rates on their credit cards because of a clause written in Swedish, in .00009 point type, on the back of their monthly statement. And then, when it all comes crashing down again, they'll have to look for somebody to blame, and it won't be them, and it won't be the charlatan they elevated to the White House. And someone else will run for president, and give them the proper scapegoat, and Tom Brokaw will ask all the wrong questions of all the wrong people again.
It's morning in America.

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