Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Real Story on Voter Fraud

TPM has been reporting on this story as one of the central points of our editorial focus for more than fifteen years. I'm proud to say there is probably no issue about which we have more institutional knowledge and few publications that have more institutional knowledge of or experience reporting on this issue.
Voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States. Organized voter fraud (which is basically required to commit fraud at scale) is close to non-existent. And voter impersonation fraud - voting in the name of another person - all but never happens.
(Details you really should read)
That's the story. Voter fraud is close to non-existent in the United States going back more than half a century. When it's brought up, it is almost always to discredit fair elections or with the political agenda of making it hard to vote. The folks who push this are liars.

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