Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Resistance: Clarifying the Message

For those who don't understand poetry.

A banner reading "Refugees Welcome" was hung from the Statue of Liberty's
pedestal on Tuesday.
The banner measured about 3 by 20 feet, according to a report by NBC New York, and was unfurled across the statue's pedestal just before 1 p.m. National Park Service rangers removed it after they determined that the banner, which was hung with nylon ropes, could be removed without damaging the structure.
Shame on you, National Park Service.

The United States Park Service is investigating who hung the banner and how they did so, per NBC's report.

According to a report by Fusion, activists hung the banner in response to President Donald Trump's executive order temporarily barring visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries.
“We’ve seen since the election in November a lot of people who’ve never been political before, feeling like they needed to do something,” one said, as quoted by Fusion. “And I think this is one thing that four people today did, but I think that we’re seeing that across the country in a lot of different ways.”

'Refugees Welcome' banner unfurled on Statue of Liberty

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