Monday, September 21, 2015

Wake Me When Popey Frankie Says Women Are More Important Than Blastocysts

On second thought, better wake me when he goes back to the vatican, 'cause he's never gonna say adult women matter as anything other than walking wombs.

A papal visit to the United States is cool and all, but should progressives even care?
The short answer: Yes. Yes, you should. Especially if you want legislative action on immigration reform, climate change, or income inequality.
No. No you shouldn't.  And for the same reason you should reject any smiling offers from self-described "libertarians" who claim that Rand Paul attracts the same voters that Bernie Sanders does.

Bernie Sanders and his supporters are pro-choice, pro-gay-rights and pro-civil-rights-for-minorities. The Tribble-Toupeed One and his supporters are violently opposed to all three.

Catlicks and other freakazoids are not progressive - just as "libertarians" are not libertarian - and never will be until they accept the full humanity and bodily autonomy of women, gay people and non-white people.

And may they all hang from a rope until they do.

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