Saturday, September 12, 2015

No Justification Necessary

Again, there is no such thing as an unborn baby.  If it's a baby, by definition it's already born.
If it's unborn, it's a blastocyst, a zygote, or in the late stages a fetus.

A NY Times opinion piece asks the question, Does Down Syndrome Justify Abortion? The answer is easy: yes. Yes it does. But then, so does having 46 chromosomes.

The only questions you should ask are whether the mother wants the child, and is well-informed about the risks. If she doesn’t, she doesn’t have to “justify” getting the abortion.

The article does mention something I don’t like: the parents chose to keep the child (and that’s something I support, too — pro-choice means what it says, it is the parents’ choice), and they got a lot of pushback, with the medical staff emphasizing the dangers and compromises to a Down syndrome child, and mildly pressuring them to get an abortion. That shouldn’t happen. Inform them of the risks, but really, it is entirely the parents’ choice.

I wonder if, when a pregnant woman is found to be carrying a healthy wild-type child with 46 chromosomes, the doctors and nurses then urge her to get an abortion because of all the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth, and the horrible excess work and worry and anxiety that having any child causes? If all we cared about was reducing harm, it’s absolutely insane that society allows women to inflict pregnancy on themselves.

But just as no one has to justify getting pregnant, no one should have to justify ending a pregnancy.

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