Friday, September 25, 2015

Nope, no white-supremacist, anti-black GOP voter suppression here, no sir.

Like Florida, Kentucky does not allow incarcerated citizens to vote, but does count them as residents for the purpose of drawing voting districts.  But it counts each inmate as one full person, rather than the 3/5 of a person traditionally allotted to such populations.

(yes, motherfuckers, I'm comparing mass incarceration and vote suppression to slavery.)

Politico reported that state Rep. Janet Adkins (R) made the suggestion regarding U.S. Rep. Corrinne Brown's (D) district in a closed-door meeting of the North Florida Republican caucus.

“It's a perfect storm," Adkins said on the audio recording. "You draw it in such a fashion so perhaps, a majority, or maybe not a majority, but a number of them will live in the prisons, thereby not being able to vote."

Adkins made sure there were no reporters in the room before she made her comments, according to the report.

Brown, who is black, has filed a lawsuit to challenge the proposed redrawing of her district. She also told the Florida Senate Redistricting Committee that she was concerned that redrawing her district to include more prisons would lower its black voting population from 50 to 45 percent, according to Politico.

When Politico approached Adkins, who is white, about the comments she made on the recording, she said she was having a "private conversation" and noted that she does not serve on the state House redistricting committee.
If you do not allow incarcerated people to vote, you are racists and election fraudsters. Period.

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