Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stay Out of Laurel County; They've Put Their Invisible Sky Friends in Charge

So if I get stopped for speeding through Laurel Count on I-75, and I tell the deputy that the god he trusts told me to do it, he'll let me go, right?

From the AP:

 A Kentucky sheriff says he is adding decals that say "In God We Trust" to all marked patrol cars.

Laurel County Sheriff John Root said in a statement on Tuesday that he is paying for the patriotic decals with his own money.
Unless you paid for the cruisers and are paying the salaries and benefits of the deputies that drive them, and you inform the populace that the deputies no longer have the public authority of county government - which by the Kentucky and U.S. Constitutions is secular - you're still in violation of said Constitutions.

In other words, motherfucker, no jeebus-fucking stickers.
He says the move is a response to recent violence against law enforcement officers around the nation.
Really, moron? Adhesive paper saying you abdicate your job responsibilities to your invisible sky wizard is going to stop criminals from killing cops?

Whoever runs against you next year needs to run ads pointing out that you are not doing your fucking job.

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