Friday, July 31, 2015

Massie Brags About Vote To Make Sure You Die Gruesomely

Because that's what the REINS Act does:  mandates the removal of all federal regulations preventing e coli in hamburgers, and exploding car gas tanks, and collapsing construction equipment, and falling elevators, and typhoid-infused drinking water, and flesh-eating bacteria in hospitals, and electrical fires in office buildings and failing brakes in 18-wheelers barrelling down on school buses and ever other kind of horrific "accident" that repugs don't give a flying fuck that kills or maims you.

“Excessive regulation stifles economic growth, hurts small businesses, and raises consumer prices,” said Congressman Massie. “It is vital that Congress act to reduce our regulatory burden, which raises consumer prices, reduces wages, and costs jobs," Massie was quoted in a press release.

The motherfucking liar is lying about fucking his mother. Again.

Only two "Democrats"-- both right-wing Blue Dogs, Henry Cuellar and Collin Peterson-- voted for the Republicans' REIN Act (HR 427) Tuesday afternoon. Todd Young (R-IN) was the chief sponsor, but the enthusiasm among Republicans was huge-- 171 cosponsors. It passed 243-165.

Ted Lieu, an active duty Air Force Reserve officer was in California on official business and couldn't vote. But he explained to his constituents why he opposes the bill, which he termed:
a radical, potentially unconstitutional House Republican-authored bill that guts the ability of federal agencies to establish rules protecting food safety, clear air, clean water and other crucial common-sense safeguards. The Reins Act is strongly opposed by a broad range of consumer, health, environmental, labor, scientific, and public interest groups.
 They don't call 'em "e. coli republicans" for nothing.


Bill Adkins said...

Don't blame me - I voted for Adkins

Yellow Dog said...

Me too! Good to see you here.