Friday, July 17, 2015

Flakka Latest War on Drugs Bullshit

"Brain-melting?"  Seriously, Gracie?  Let's see some actual melted brain cells right now, 'cause I'm calling bullshit.

And "excited delirium?"  Where have I heard that before?  Oh, yeah, the same excuse white cops have been using to murder unarmed black and brown people since the first honky asshole realized 40 years ago that the effects of PCP could be easily turned into an excuse for just mowing the ni**ers down.

This isn't about addiction, it isn't about the phony drug war and it sure as fuck ain't about what poor people in Eastern Kentucky really need to get out of endemic poverty.

This is about filling jail cells to terrify the squares into cutting social spending to build more jail cells to hold more people who need social spending.

Katrina Goetz at the Courier:
Alpha-PVP, nicknamed "flakka" — an illegal synthetic drug that has made headlines across southern Florida — has burrowed deep into Lewis County in the past six months. And some experts say it's likely to spread.

It has sheriff's deputies on high alert because it's unlike any drug they've ever seen. Users are trading heroin to get it — a substance that looks like rock salt, reeks of ammonia and sells for $100 to $500 a gram.

On the street, users call it gravel, sometimes magic, because the high lasts so long. But it also makes them paranoid, violent and can give users superhuman strength, a troublesome combination for law enforcement.

"It's kickin' our ass," Lewis County Sheriff Johnny Bivens said.
And making obscene fortunes for Corrections Corporation of America.

Take the trillions of dollars we're wasting on what Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns and Money calls the "War on (some classes of people who use some classes of) Drugs" and spend it on creating real world-class schools and good government jobs and a strong safety net and real substance abuse programs and decent housing and superb health care and everything else actual modern civilized nations have.

Flakka and all the other trumped-up excuses for worthless politicians and the pathetic excuses for "reporters" who believe them will disappear.

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Anonymous said...

News flash: CCA is out of business in Kentucky. Kentucky pulled all its prisoners from CCA facilities about five years ago, and the last operating CCA prison in Kentucky housed prisoners in Vermont up until last month. Another company underbid them and the prisoners that were in a CCA facility in eastern Kentucky were moved to Michigan. All three CCA prisons (MAC, LAC and Otter Creek) are now closed.