Saturday, July 25, 2015

KY Already Meeting Coal Rules McConnell Claims Will Kills Us All

Both Bevin and Conway are also whiny-ass titty baby liars about this, by the way.  And the fact that Big Coal apologist Len Peters is actually admitting it tells you the new EPA rules are really far weaker than they could have been.

Whenever a new environmental regulation gets proposed, there's one thing you can count on: the affected industry will start cranking out research showing that the cost of compliance is so astronomical that it will put them out of business. It happens every time. Then, when the new regs take effect anyway, guess what? It turns out they aren't really all that expensive after all. The country gets cleaner and the economy keeps humming along normally. Hard to believe, no?

Apologies for the spoiler, but can you guess what's happening now that President Obama's new carbon rules for power plants are about to take effect? Mitch "War on Coal" McConnell has been issuing hysterical warnings about these regulations for years, but the Washington Post reports that—sorry, did you say something? You've already guessed, have you?
More striking is what has happened since: Kentucky’s government and electric utilities have quietly positioned themselves to comply with the rule — something state officials expect to do with relatively little effort....“We can meet it,” Kentucky Energy and Environment Secretary Leonard Peters, speaking at a climate conference, said of the EPA’s mandate.
Seriously, what was the last thing repugs sounded the alarm about that actually happened, or even posed a genuine threat in reality?

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