Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Ruin Lives and Destroy the Medical Profession With One Idiotic Law

Uh, hello? Anybody remember the heroin epidemic that exploded shortly after KASPER went into effect?  Of COURSE there are fewer pain prescriptions or people doctor-shopping:  all of those people are now buying heroin.

But of course they remember the heroin epidemic and know perfectly well why it is still growing:  the very program they’re promoting here.  They’re just hoping you don’t remember it and make the connection.

But because there are very few people in Kentucky who are not:
  • struggling with chronic pain because KASPER prevents them from getting necessary medication, 
  • taking heroin because they can’t get needed pain medication, or
  • the friend or family of someone who is
There are even fewer people in Kentucky who don’t realize that Governor Cowardly Worm and his pet researchers at UK (Shame on UK!) are motherfucking liars who are lying about fucking their mothers.
Since Kentucky’s landmark prescription drug abuse legislation took effect in 2012, the Commonwealth has seen a significant decline in the number of prescriptions for the most commonly abused medications, doctor shopping has decreased by more than 50 percent, and more Kentuckians are seeking treatment for prescription medication addiction.

These findings, among others, are part of a yearlong study conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy and compiled in a report to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS).

Gov. Steve Beshear joined Attorney General Jack Conway, lawmakers and health industry officials today to announce the report.

The study specifically researched and analyzed the impact of state law known as House Bill 1, which was passed in a special session by the 2012 General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Beshear.

“House Bill 1 was a bipartisan effort designed to help us fight the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in Kentucky, and it’s doing exactly that,” said Gov. Beshear. “Since the law was enacted, not only have we seen a decline in doctor shopping and prescriptions for heavily abused medications, pill mills have closed and the provider community at large has become more educated and committed to using best practices for prescribing these commonly abused medications.”
But what House Bill 1 really did was criminalize pain relief.  It hit the mosquito of pill mills with a bazooka, taking out the ability of thousands of doctors to prescribe legitimate pain medication at the same time.

Doctors everywhere in Kentucky are refusing to prescribe any pain medication at all for any reason to anyone.  That is how draconian the KASPER regs are.   Write one scrip, and if the KASPER police wake up with a wild hair, they can strip you of your license to practice medicine. Forever.

So now we have thousands of Kentuckians with legitimate chronic pain desperate for relief, turned away by the medical profession and able to survive only by using heroin.

All thanks to the prescription drug law that makes trying to relieve someone's pain a crime.

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