Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How National Dems Sabotage Winnable Races

Wonder why repug congressional candidates seem to breathe fire while your "Democratic" congressional candidates seem so mild and insubstantial a puff of wind would knock them down?

Because that's how the people who run the national "Democratic" funding machines want it to be.

Every congressional district, no matter how red, harbors fire-breathing progressive candidates who might just be able to turn the tide with the power of their passion, but they are locked out of contention by the DCCC and DSCC poohbahs who starve them of money or chase them out of the race.

It's even more inexcusable in swing districts or those with weak repug competition where a decent Democratic candidate could win.

But the national dems don't want to win. They want milquetoast "centrists" who will vote with the money power to keep the money power in, you know, power.

Your bottom line, both Senate and House leadership are willing to lose winnable seats. Their real goal — keep real progressives from ever holding office. In other words, they'd rather run money-corrupted, insider-friendly candidates who could easily lose than real populists who might win.
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