Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Murder of Obamacare

Yes, of course the conservatives on the Supreme Court are going to kill Obamacare.  Of course congressional repugs are not going to even try to save the subsidies.  Of course repugs are going to blame Obama and dems for the ensuing chaos and thousands of deaths.  And of course repugs will continue to win elections and frog-march the nation triumphantly back to the eighth century.

Claiming otherwise is a stupid and obvious lie.

This is the court that overturned the 60-year-old voting rights act.  This is the court that legalized buying elections.  This is the court that declared adult women are mentally defective sub-humans not to be trusted with decision about their own bodies.

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cheyanne said...

Thank you. I have been refusing to even think that SCOTUS could gut Obamacare; I've been spending my time imagining Scalia's dissent and the crazy logic that Roberts will use to get a majority for Obamacare . . .It's a time warp back to 2012 when I remember going crazy because "all the media says that Obama will lose" and yet, somehow, the Daily Kos kept saying he would win.

This time it might not go so well. . .