Monday, June 15, 2015

American Freedom Still White Only

I want to see that racist white bitch adult who started it in prison. After she has to turn over every dime she has, plus her house and cars, to the black kids she insulted and sicced the cops on. So she gets a public defender for her trial and gets sentenced to life.  Wait, no - Texas still has the death penalty.  Excellent.

Every one of the kids I've seen interviewed are just average American teens. These aren't crips and bloods, hardcore street toughs or even slightly threatening people. They are just kids and it's completely obvious. They didn't know they were endangering their lives by simply being teenagers.

We knew that it was terrifying to have a black teenage son in America. Now we know it's just as terrifying to have a black teenage daughter. That white father had obviously taught his daughter to have integrity and stand up for the underdog and she paid a price for that by being handcuffed by the cops. But black parents cannot afford to teach their children to speak up and speak out. Those kids could very well die because they don't know that what they learn in school about rights and free speech and justice doesn't apply to them. Those two handcuffed young boys who were trying to explain themselves to the police officer certainly know better now. They'll never really feel free again, will they?

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