Monday, June 15, 2015

Remember Repug Outrages

Scott Walker systematically destroying the state of Wisconsin. Jeb Bush torturing a brain-dead woman and her husband for months in order to pander to the freakazoid base. Rand Paul rejecting Civil Rights laws. And so much more.  All acts that would get them thrown out of the race in any civilized nation.

Why do they get away with it?  Because liberal voters let them.

Steve M:

The thing is, we won't remember. Conservative voters remember every political grievance, but the rest of us don't. Did we remember the government shutdown of 2013 when we went to the polls in 2014? No -- Republicans made huge gains in the House and Senate, and in state and local races. We always forget the awful things Republicans do. Two years after George W. Bush left office, we gave Congress back to his party; two years after Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, we said "meh" to Clinton's vice president and allowed the GOP back into the White House.

We won't continue to fight for the one-sentence fix. We won't punish the party that refused to sign off on it. We'll accept that Republicans have the power to limit our choices and meekly ask them to treat the wound they inflicted, because we never respond to Republicans with the sustained outrage they deserve.

Please, America, prove me wrong on this.

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