Friday, June 19, 2015

The Latest Smear-Snowden Lie Is Another Lie

In case it's not obvious, which it should have been from the first sentence of the London Sunday Times piece.

It's entirely possible that some kind of breach happened that revealed the names of some British agents. As Greenwald says, there's been a whole lot of hacking going on. And I suppose its predictable that they would blame any breaches on Snowden but the fact that they got important facts wrong is a sign that they're just throwing this out there and the press isn't bothering to check the facts they have at hand. One would have at least thought they'd question why the Russians waited for two years before checking Snowden's invisible laptop. But that's just how they roll.

The British have turned into monsters when it comes to this surveillance and spying stuff. It brings into sharp focus why the Americans decided to write down a Bill of Rights when their revolution succeeded. They knew better than to leave anything to "trust". Even themselves.

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