Friday, March 6, 2015

Yes, We Are Alive, No, We Are Not Moving to Florida, and Stay the Fuck Off of I-65 What Were You Thinking

There are no words, snarky or otherwise, except GLOBAL WARMING MEANS FUCKED UP WEATHER, YOU MORONS, so have some local Kentucky links:

Stuck on I-65 overnight.

Legendary storm

Digging out just in time for sub-zero temps

Many pix

Protecting and serving, for real

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Old Scout said...

Dawg -
BECAUSE OF climate shift, I moved to Florida in July. Some of us see Florida as an opportunity for government by Democrats, which we didn't see in Kentucky. After watching randpaul, missymcconnell walk all over an educated electorate and the Lexington House District elect and return a republican to a House seat, I abandoned the jurisdiction.
Ya'll are welcome down here; we aren't going to do this without help.