Monday, March 30, 2015

Why No Hate for Kentucky's Hate Bill? Boycott Us!

If the NCAA sacks up this week and pulls the tournament from hoosierville because Indiana passed a right-for-freakazoids-to-discriminate bill two years AFTER Kentucky passed its own version, the only reason they wouldn't bring it to Rupp Arena in Lexington is because it's the home of the UK Wildcats, current favorites to take the championship.

Because nobody seems to notice Kentucky's only-god-botherers-can-discriminate bill passed in 2013.

Maybe because it passed over Governor Steve Beshear's veto and therefore there is no repug hate-figure like Steve Pence?

Or because the corporations who think gay-bashing discrimination is stupid and anti-business don't do business in Kentucky?

Or is it because big corporations headquartered in Kentucky are perfectly happy with their employees and customers being treated like shit by the freakazoid motherfuckers who run this state?

Hey, Humana: Why do you hate your gay employees and customers?

Hey Brown and Williamson:  You just sponsored the ACLU of Kentucky's annual Fairness Dinner - open bar and four-course meal shindigs for 400 don't come cheap.  Are you trying to cover up for the fact you're not holding the General Assembly accountable for this abomination?

Why all the hate for Indiana and none for Kentucky, national business leaders?  Boycott us, too!  And make sure no repug state legislators get national corporate campaign cash.

Taking away their money is the only thing likely to get through to them.

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