Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Bathroom Bully Bill" Fails in KY Senate; Haters Devastated

The good guys won one, and that includes the high school students who did not give up when repug senators sabotaged their good-government bill to improve school administration. Their bill may have ultimately failed, but the students now know who the enemy is, and they'll be back.

Congratulations, hateful repugs: you just made lifelong Democratic voters out of every one of those students.

From the Fairness Coalition:

Thanks to your help, Senator C.B. Embry's anti-transgender "Bathroom Bully Bill" failed last night in the Senate's last-ditch effort to save it!

As many of you recall, after Kentucky's Democratically-controlled House refused to hear the bill, Senator Embry attached his legislation to an unrelated measure, House Bill 236, written by high school students to give them a role in helping choose new school superintendents. Senator Albert Robinson also added a "Student Religious Speech" amendment to that legislation.
This week, hundreds of Kentucky high school students rallied against the amendments, and last night, Republican Senate leadership introduced House Bill 236 without the "Bathroom Bully Bill," killing Senator Embry's legislation for session. Unfortunately, Senator Robinson's amendment remained on House Bill 236, which stalled permanently in the House.

It's a great victory that Senate Republicans removed the "Bathroom Bully Bill" from House Bill 236 before debate, and it's undoubtedly thanks to the many calls, e-mails, and conversations you shared with elected officials in opposition to this unnecessary, mean spirited, and discriminatory legislation!

Please make a call of thanks to Senate leadership today and consider making a donation of $25, $50, $100, or whatever is comfortable for you to honor the hard work of the Fairness Campaign and our allies to defeat anti-LGBT legislation in the 2015 Kentucky General Assembly!

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