Monday, March 9, 2015

The Things That Offend AynRandy

The Tribble-Toupeed One is all for your freedom, as long as you're not a gay person wanting to get married, or a black person wanting to sit down at a lunch counter, or a female person wanting to take care of her reproductive health in private, or a working person wanting a living wage, or a poor person wanting to feed her children, or a homeless person wanting a place to live, or a non-christian person wanting a secular government, or a parent wanting his children protected from food poisoning.  or a sick person wanting medical care ....

In short, if you're anyone who's not AynRandy, fuck off and die.


This is why it's hard to take libertarianism seriously. This man is the acknowledged leader of that faction. And he is unable to say that it's none of his business who marries whom or admit that women own their own bodies (but says they do own their children!)It's inconsistent on such a fundamental level that it gives away the game: he's either whoring for the social conservative vote or he's philosophically incoherent. Libertarians believe they are the "principled" members of our political family and yet when push comes to shove the only principle most of them really care about is the one that says they shouldn't have to pay a dime toward the greater good. 

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