Wednesday, March 11, 2015

KY Repugs Create Omnibus "Fuck You" Bill

Call your damn state senators, Kentucky, and remember this shit on election day.

Valerie Honeycutt Spears at the Herald:

Henry Clay High School junior Eliza Jane Schaeffer was reaching out on Tuesday to anyone she thought could help remove controversial amendments that threaten a bill that would allow high school students to sit on superintendent screening committees.


House Bill 236, sponsored by Rep. Derrick Graham, D-Frankfort, the House Education Committee chairman, passed in the House and was approved Monday by the Senate Education Committee.

But then Sen. C.B. Embry Jr. R-Morgantown, attached an amendment to the bill that would require transgender students to use school bathrooms designated for males if they were born male and for females if they were born female.

State Sen. Albert Robinson R-London, filed an amendment to House Bill 236 to permit students to voluntarily express religious or political viewpoints in school assignments free from discrimination.

Both amendments, which contain language from individual bills that have not seen movement in the House, threaten the passage of House Bill 236, said Rachel Belin, the student voice team director for the Prichard Committee.

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 Can't you just hear the motherfuckers plotting and giggling in their boys-only cloakroom?

"Yeah, we'll stop these satanic kids and their prevert friends at the same time, yuk, yuk, yuk."

From the Fairness Alliance: 
Because the Kentucky Senate can't just let a bad thing die, they've resurrected the anti-transgender "Bathroom Bully Bill" as an amendment on House Bill 236, legislation Kentucky teenagers have worked hard on to give students a say in helping choose new school superintendents.

From the Courier-Journal story:

"Students are really confused," said Rachel Belin, Student Voice Team director for the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence. "They did all their homework. They followed all the rules, and they are utterly confused why people would try to piggyback on their hard work."

PLEASE call or e-mail your Senator to OPPOSE HB236 Senate Floor Amendment 1. You can leave a message at (800) 372-7181 or click below.

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