Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Shame of Louisville

Louisville, the renowned and despised Liberal Capital of Kentucky, has a long and ugly history of racial violence, and by that of course I mean white against non-white violence, including burning down white-neighborhood homes sold to middle-class black families.

The city's not liberal enough yet, apparently.

Crooks and Liars:
Louisville, Kentucky police say they've arrested a man who terrorized his Hispanic neighbors so much that they thought he would end up killing them. On Sept. 2, 51-year-old Douglas Poynter, was arrested for criminal trespassing, attempted arson, terroristic threats, wanton endangerment, harassment and menacing, after a series of disturbing incidents took place over Labor Day weekend.

According to local news station WNRB, the terror campaign started on Aug. 31, when a Hispanic family arriving home when they noticed that Poynter, their neighbor, had painted the words "KKK wants you to burn" on the side of his fence, facing their house. Poynter also had erected a cross with the word "burn" written underneath it.
Poynter was standing in his yard covered in paint when the family arrived. When they asked him why he would do this, Poynter allegedly swore at them yelling, "Fuck you. Fuck all you immigrants," and told them he would kill them the first chance he got. Police say Poynter then tried to punch the dad, who pushed him away, and the family's 9-year-old step-daughter told Poynter she was going to call the police.
Poynter then went inside his home and came out with a shotgun, police say, and pointed it tight at the father, who was holding his infant son in his arms. He told the father that he would shoot him the first chance he got, either in the front or the back.
It gets worse. Read the whole thing, if you can stand it.

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