Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is Jamie Comer a Real Conservative?

So Jamie Comer's in the Governor's race for next year. He's spent two years since getting elected running as fast as he can as far away as possible from actual repug policies.  But now he should have to put up or shut up: does he support what real conservatives support?

It's been labeled "extreme" - but only by non-repugs.  I defy any Kentucky repug to publicly repudiate any plank in the Texas Republican Party Platform.

That the Texas Legislature should nullify—indeed, “ignore, oppose, refuse, and nullify”—federal laws it doesn’t like. (Unmentioned is the fact that, beginning in 1809, the Supreme Court has steadfastedly rejected state nullification of federal laws.)

• That when it comes to “unelected bureaucrats”—i.e., pretty much the entire federal work force above the janitorial level—Congress should “defund and abolish these positions.”

• That the Seventeenth Amendment, which was adopted in 1913, be repealed, so that “the appointment of United States Senators” can again be made by state legislators, not by voters. (Admittedly, the Texas Legislature could hardly do worse.)

• That all federal “enforcement activities” within the borders of Texas—including, presumably, the activities of F.B.I. agents, Justice Department prosecutors, air marshals, immigration officers, agricultural inspectors, and tax auditors—“must be conducted under the auspices of the county sheriff with jurisdiction in that county.”


We urge that the Voter Rights Act of 1965, codified and updated in 1973, be repealed and not reauthorized.
Not to mention the planks denying basic civil and human rights to women and LGBT people.

So, somebody ask Jamie: Which parts, if any, of this republican platform would you NOT want to see in the Kentucky GOP platform for 2015?

David Atkins at Hullabaloo:
This is not an aberration. It's what these people really believe, in the biggest and most powerful Republican state, the one that regularly contests with California to be the nation's moral and political waypoint. It's the biggest reason we can't make forward progress as a country.

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