Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kentucky Wastes $450 Million in Giveaways to Business

Companies choose locations for new or expanded business based on cold-eyed analysis of state infrastructure, education, cultural amenities to attract the best employees, and other factors long before they con states into competing by offering tax-giveaway bribes

You know why Tesla chose Nevada for its new factory? Because Nevada is close to Tesla's headquarters and original factory in Silicon Valley, but is cheaper to operate in. The billion dollars in tax giveaways is just gravy.

Via TMQ, Good Jobs First lists every subsidy in every state, then analyzes each according to how effective the subsidy is in actually obtaining and retaining good jobs.

Here's the Kentucky breakdown.

If Kentucky wants to attract the really good jobs, it needs to take the money it wastes on corporate giveaways and pour it into education and infrastructure and 21st-century laws that ban discrimination and restore and protect voting rights.

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