Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cut Off the $3 Billion Subsidy to Israel - Nothing Else Will Stop the Slaughter

Don't even waste time with a threat. Just cut the mooching murderers off.

Greg Kocher aqt the Herald:

More than 50 people protested Israel's bombing of Gaza during a downtown Lexington demonstration late Friday afternoon, "Two, four, six, eight, stop the killing! Stop the hate!" they chanted.

"Honk for peace" one sign read, and several motorists did just that.

 Ismael Shalash, 32, of Lexington, who is of Palestinian heritage, said, "We feel it is our job as a community to come together here, to unify together."
Notice they are not demanding a Palestinian homeland, which they should have been. They are not threatening to drive the Jews into the sea. They are asking for peace, and an end to hate.

There is a strong Jewish pro-peace contingent in Lexington.  I am deeply disappointed but not surprised they apparently did not join the protest.

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