Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alison is the New Wonkette Pinup Girl

I was not impressed by her Fancy Farm speech, but Wonkette Commenters, who are never wrong, went bananas for her yesterday.

So, here's the link to Wonkette's piece and the comments, and here's the video:

Wonkette Editrix Rebecca Shoenkopf writes:

Got 15 minutes handy? OH YES YOU DO. Because here is United States Senate candidate for Kentucky Alison Lundergan Grimes, at some sort of Real Murican smalltown Heartland hoedown Lottery, yelling at Mitch McConnell that he is a useless old fucktard, TO HIS FACE. And it’s on split screen, so you can see his face as her stiletto heel grinds down. Oh man. It is no Trump’s face while Bamz laughed in it, in person. Rather than snitty anger, he looks totally befuddled. And it is marvelous.

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