Monday, August 11, 2014

Silly People; Free Speech Rights Are For Corporations Only

Think Progress:

Several years ago, the American Medical Association advised doctors to ask their patients about firearms and “educate patients to the dangers of firearms to children” in the name of public health.

But doctors in Florida may be suppressed from giving this medical advice, now that a federal appeals court upheld a Florida law that became known as the “physician gag rule” because it punishes doctors for talking about guns.
But the only-corporations-have-free-speech aspect of this is not the most horrifying aspect: a federal appeals court has ruled that anti-science mumblings of slope-headed mouith-breathers trumps the medical necessity of doctors treating their patients.

I think this is proof that the NRA and the anti-woman freakazoids are working trigger-in-claw.

What's next? No blood tests because they make Jehovah's Witnesses queasy?  No health care for women because only men can be doctors and non-familial men can't view women un-burkahed?

Don't laugh:  First they came for the abortionists .... 

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