Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is There a Corporation on the Planet That Doesn't Beg for Public Money?

Talk about your moochers and takers. Corporations are bottomless pits of self-pity, demanding the rights of people and freedom from the tiniest regulation while sucking down trillions in tax dollars then shipping all the jobs overseas and stashing their profits in foreign tax havens.

And of all the Kentucky corporations least deserving of a dime of public money, it's the lying and grifting motherfuckers building Centre Point in Lexington.

Beth Musgrave at the Herald:

The developer of the controversial CentrePointe project wants the state to issue $30 million in bonds for a three-story underground parking garage now under construction in the middle of downtown Lexington.

Darby Turner, a lawyer who represents the Webb Companies, said Tuesday that additional tax revenue generated from the project would pay off the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority bonds.
The fuck it will.  Webb companies have been fucking over Lexington on this project for years. For the whole disgusting story, read Barefoot and Progressive.

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