Thursday, August 2, 2012

Commie, Homo-Loving Eagle Scouts

I belong to the late-hippie generation that ridiculed Eagle Scouts. I take it all back.
A Louisville Boy Scout has returned his Eagle badge to protest the organization's stance against allowing gays.
WFPL reports that Jackson Cooper, who is a former senior patrol leader of Louisville Troop 342, says in his letter that he thinks the decision has damaged the organization's reputation."Most people didn't realize this was the policy and my hope in writing the letter is that enough attention would be drawn, regardless of whether they hold those beliefs personally, the leadership would find those positions untenable just as a matter of public relations," Cooper wrote.
"There may or may not have been any homosexual boys in our troop. I can't honestly say that I know. But I do know that my now deceased mother, a lesbian, would not have been allowed to serve as a den mother if her orientation had been public knowledge at the time. The thought that I have invested such a large part of my life with an organization that would have turned my own mother away breaks my heart."
Click over to see the letters at Boing Boing. They're great.

Eagle Scouts really do tend to be impressive young men. I remember someone telling me years ago that one should never fail to give an Eagle Scout an interview for a job --- they are almost always stand-up, responsible workers. I don't know that it says anything about their talent or their value as a person, but it does show that they are focused and accomplished.

For that and other reasons, those who achieve the title value being Eagle Scouts quite highly. To resign and turn in their medals means something.

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