Friday, August 24, 2012

Sex and the Repressed Repug

I first grasped this during the Lewinsky stupidity: repugs and freakazoids just foaming at the mouth in red-faced, screaming rage at the idea that a woman was willingly - nay, eagerly - sucking the cock of a man to whom she was not married, and who was not paying her for it.
I'd watch otherwise intelligent, educated women just lose their shit over the mere idea of a married man getting head and I'd wonder just how bad their sex life - their marriage - had to be to inspire that response.
Democrats would likely have pursued this line of attack with or without Akin's big mouth. But Akin's statements have provided a crystallization of all that is wrong with social conservatism in America.

These are people who hate women because they see women as temptresses leading good men astray. These are people who don't respect women because they see women as little more than baby-carrying vessels.

And at bottom they're people are deeply, deeply afraid of sex and sexuality. One can pop psychoanalyze why ad infinitum, but at its heart we're dealing with deeply repressed people who worry that all social order will collapse without keeping strict taboos on sexual behavior. These are a bunch of insecure, authoritarian men who worry that their wives will cheat and their daughters won't respect them if those women are sexually awakened. They're a bunch of busybody repressed women who are sexually miserable themselves, and want company in their misery.

Those sorts of views are pathetic and archaic in the 21st century, whether they're in Saudi Arabia or rural Missouri.
It's about controlling women's bodies.  Always has been, always will be.
Abortion on demand. Unrestricted, no-question, free-of-charge, available-on-every-street-corner abortion on demand.
Anything less is a violation of human rights.

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