Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Wages of Compromise

When a major-party candidate for a local law-enforcement office declares his right to shoot and kill doctors performing legal medical procedures ....    
Then we have reached the logical consequences of failing to refusing to accept anything less than unconditional abortion on demand.
The freakazoids are falling all over each other to out-Taliban each other with ways to keep women penned like sheep.
Isn't that great? The dumb animals who are forced to go through the pregnancy and childbirth (and are physically reminded of their "horrible, horrible tragedy" every day for the rest of their lives) will just have to suck it up because their off spring might turn out to be a Christian conservative leader. Why should women have any say in who fathers their children in the first place?
And as I wrote yesterday, keep an eye on the exception to save the life of the mother too. They're edging quickly toward that position as well. That's where the rubber meets the road and they have to decide between "innocent life" and the dirty girls who got themselves pregnant.
This isn't a tough call for many of these so-called "pro-life" people. After all, almost all of them are proponents of capital punishment, even if some innocent people get caught in the mix. It's pretty clear that the only life they value is the one that has not yet been born.
Once you start haggling over reasons, you’re giving up half the fight — which is that this is about bodily autonomy and respect for women’s ability to determine their own lives.
This is all the predictable and predicted result of constant compromising on the basic principle of female bodily integrity.
Once we abandoned that foundation stone, the "abortion rights" edifice was bound to fall.
Time to demolish the rubble, stand tall and strong on principled ground and declare:
"Unrestricted, no-questions, free-of-charge, available-on-every-street-corner Abortion On Demand."
Anything less is a violation of human rights.

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