Monday, July 24, 2017

Unfortunately, Neither Hypocrisy Nor Homophobia Are Crimes

I have just a few points to make about this cowardly attack.
  • Asking someone for consensual sex is not against the law.
  • Expressing disgust at someone's legal and consensual sexual acts is a dead giveaway that the critic is about to get caught doing or seeking those very acts.
  • Julian Carroll is a christanist freakazoid and is, like all of them, a hypocrite.
  • Julian Carroll has been corrupt to his toes for 60 years.  Anybody who's surprised by anything he does needs to read some Kentucky state government history.
  • Julian Carroll is the last Kentucky voice for New Deal and Great Society Democratic values. He's the bulwark against not just greedy repug fuckheads, but elitist neoliberal techbros in his own party.
  • Kentucky Democrats calling for Carroll's head are idiots and hypocrites.
  • Note to reporter Daniel DesRochers:  It's called "a hand job," not "masturbation."

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