Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bible in School? Then Let's Have Atheism in Church.

No, I mean it.  Freedom OF religion is also Freedom FROM religion, so let's have a fair fight.

Truthfully, Bevin's new Inquisition is not new.  When I was in Kentucky high school in the 1970s, there was an English class elective in "The Bible as Literature."  Everybody took it because easy A, right?

"Bible Literacy," however, is quite a bit more blatant about its religious indoctrination.

So I say: bring it on, motherfuckers. As long as it also requires churches to provide an "elective" Sunday School class in Atheism.

Only we won't call it Atheism.  We'll call it "Reading the Bible Word for Word."

Because that is the never-fail recipe for turning christianists into atheists.

No more taking your preacher's word that the Bible condemns gays and blacks and muslims and poor people.  Read it for yourself!  Read what a vicious, bloodthirsty, genocidal piece of shit the Old Testament god really is. Decide for yourself if Liviticus' ban on shellfish makes sense.

Read the gospels of the New Testament and try to fit jesus' words about helping the poor and the sick into the repug kill-the-poor-to-enrich-the-obscenely-wealthy platform.

Ask converts to atheism what turned them against the christianist upbringing, and they all tell the same story: In order to become a better christian, they started really studying the Bible.  And what they read opened their eyes to the scam all religions are.

So read your bible, Kentucky students!  Read it really, really well.

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