Thursday, July 27, 2017

Poor, Meek, Abused Conservatards

Yeah, I call them conservatards.  As in conservative plus retard.  You know, an insult.  Lock me up!

But the idea that libs are just constantly barging into Superbowl parties to lecture people and knock meat out of people’s hands is kind of ludicrous. The complaint here is that liberals are silently (mostly) judging people. But I’m not quite sure why our judgement should matter if these Real Americans aren’t doing anything wrong.

I get weary of conservatives painting women who have abortions as murdering sluts. I also worry about people who view LGBT people as alien sex-monsters, and the reason I do is because these people VOTE…for actual legislation that can hurt actual people.  So forgive me if I don’t find the idea that I am…annoying…particularly compelling.


Where are these meek, quiet conservatives? I want to meet them.

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