Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's a church! It's a business! It's a Lying Bunch of Grifters

The Big Gay Wooden Box is revealing the true soul of religion: use it to justify whatever you want to do.

Three days after state tourism officials suspended an $18 million tax incentive, officials at a Noah’s Ark theme park have sold their main parcel back to their for-profit entity for $10.

The issue started in late June after Ark Encounter LLC sold the parcel to its non-profit affiliate, Crosswater Canyon for $10. The deed continues to describe the property as worth $18 million even though the Grant County PVA has assessed the land for $48 million.

Ark Encounter officials have declined to say why they sold the property in the first place, but the move in June coincided with their refusal to pay a safety assessment tax levied by the city of Williamstown. City officials worried that the sale might be the first step in the ark park claiming non-profit status, which would exempt it from property taxes.
Thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation for demanding Kentucky withdraw the tax incentives.  If only we had a non-freakazoid governor who would use the money for the benefit of all, rather than his co-religionists.

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