Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Who Took Gov. "Necessary Bloodshed" At His Word?

The Herald should send the motherfucker a bill for new windows.

Charlie Pierce:

It may have escaped your attention, but somebody shot out the windows of The Lexington Herald-Leader on Monday night. About which Kentucky's Tea Party governor, Matt Bevin, meeped:
"It's irresponsible and inappropriate… Any kind of behavior of that sort against any individual or an organization is wrong. Period…But let's get the facts before we overreact. Too often there is a lot of innuendo and hypothesis and people start to react to that."
Bevin, who has been critical of coverage by the Herald-Leader and the Courier-Journal of Louisville in the last week, added: "We should find out who is responsible and they should be held accountable for it."
This is a guy, mind you, who got up at the Values Voters hootenanny last September and suggested that bloodshed might be necessary to save America from a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency. But let's all remain calm when actual bullets are fired through the windows of a newspaper he doesn't like.

The drumbeat of "fake news" from the highest office in the land is merely the high-rent version of those rallies. And it is having an effect out in the country. It is empowering ignorance and violence. It is encouraging mindless and pointless division. And it is handing people an easy way around acknowledging the fact that they handed the country over to a real-estate swindler and his family of grifthounds. It gives those people another target. And that's dangerous.
Is there anyone in the State Police patriotic enough to arrest Gov. "Trump is great for Kentucky" on felony charges of incitement?

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