Monday, May 22, 2017

The War on Public Education Moves Toward the End Game

It's not just charter schools for the healthy white kids and defunded public schools for everybody else.  It's way worse.


You catch that?  Mosley wants to define who does and who does not get to have the "privilege" of public education.  In a border state like Arizona, you can guess exactly who Mosley would like to deny education to.
That's the endpoint of the GOP attack on education in this country, to reserve it for those who are "privileged" enough to deserve it.  The rest of America's kids, well, maybe a little child labor will fix them right up.  Or you know, prison for the bad ones.  (Same difference if the GOP has their way.)

But don't be fooled for a second by the "charter school" crusaders and the "accountability reformers". The goal is to turn public education into something only the right people are allowed to have.  It's much easier to control the uneducated, you see.

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Infidel753 said...

And when they get their wish and reduce the majority of the US population to easily-controlled semiliterates, how do they expect this country to remain competitive with nations like Japan, Germany, South Korea, and all the others that continue to provide quality education for their entire populations? They seem to forget that the United States is not isolated on its own planet somewhere. In a technology-intensive world, their program is a recipe for rapid national decline.

It would be a huge historical irony if twenty years from now the "leadership of the free world" has passed to Tokyo and Berlin, but that's where these people's program would take us.