Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sorry, Kevin, but this is bullshit.

Kevin Drum writes that the reason trumpies won't vote democratic is because those mean old liberals aren't nice to them.
 In the meantime, we can still try to do better. Rhetorically, the big issue dividing liberal elites and middle America is less the existence of different lifestyles, and more the feeling that lefties are implicitly lecturing them all the time. You are bad for eating factory-farmed meat. You are bad for enjoying football. You are bad for owning a gun. You are bad for driving an SUV. You are bad for not speaking the language of microaggressions and patriarchy and cultural appropriation. Liberals could go a long way toward solving this by being more positive about these things, rather than trying to make everyone feel guilty about all the things they enjoy.
This is NOT what liberals are saying to and about working-class conservatives.  We are saying this: You are bad for trying to force your religious bullshit down our throats.  You are bad for denying women control over their own bodies.  You are bad for trying to legalize your hatred of minorities and cheering on violence against everyone you don't like personally.  You are bad for inciting violent racism by celebrating Treason in Defense of Slavery. You are bad for using your guns to murder your children and your women and your neighbors.  

They are not our allies and they never will be.  Attempts to make them allies are a waste of time, money and energy.  Like trying to teach a pig to sing, it doesn't work and only pisses off the pig.
Yes, Kevin:  I have nothing but contempt for people who hate me so much they Want. Me. Dead.  just because I don't live according to the ridiculous rules made up by a bunch of Bronze Age desert goatfuckers three thousand years ago. 

And I will continue to express that extreme contempt through non-violent communication as long as they continue to threaten actual lethal violence to me and mine.

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