Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trump Gives the Grand Canyon to Putin

Admit it.  Just for a second, you believed it.  Because in the light of what the Orange Loser has done over the last few weeks, giving away an American shrine to his KGB BFF is not really unbelievable.

Because when somebody holds $10 billion in your promissory notes, you do what you're told.

I didn't sleep well last night, mostly because I made the mistake of reading Talking Points Memo right before going to bed.

Damn you, Josh Marshall:

President Trump’s visit to Brussels/Europe wasn’t just another grab bag of impulsive aggression and gaffes. It wasn’t scattershot. It was quite clearly focused on destabilizing and perhaps eviscerating the NATO Alliance and somewhat secondarily, but relatedly, the European Union. This has been the strategic goal of Russia and before it the Soviet Union for decades. The sum total of everything that happened on this trip casts the entire Trump/Russia story in a decidedly more ominous light.

And the light was already quite ominous.

There are plenty of theories as to why President Trump might want to destabilize our alliance with our European allies and upend the global liberal internationalist order. But that he wants to do that seems basically beyond question at this point. His still largely unexplored and in many ways inexplicable relationship with Vladimir Putin’s Russia is just the most viable explanation. On virtually every other issue he is almost infinitely malleable and susceptible to blandishments and praise. Except this one. Here he remains fixed on True North.
No, seriously:  The Orange Menace just told Europe in so many words of one syllable that Russia can invade and subjugate every single one of their nations and the United States of America won't lift a finger to help them.

I only hope that the Europeans can hold back from nuking Mar a Lago until the 2018 elections give us a chance to impeach Pootie's butt boy.

Of course, that means we have to survive another 20 months.  And that the Democratic Party can actually win enough seats to take Congress away from the repugs.

Oh, fuck. Now I'll never get to sleep.

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