Sunday, August 7, 2016

No Voting at Church

Just remove polling sites from religious buildings.

I am quite sure that the cowardly anonymous fuckers who objected to voting in a eeeeeekkkk! mosque are anti-muslim haters, but they did the right thing for the wrong reason.

Churches serve as polling sites everywhere in Kentucky, and it is deeply, profoundly offensive to non-christians to have to pass through hallways covered with freakazoid propaganda posters and displays in order to perform their patriotic duty as citizens to vote.

Unless you're willing to set up 10 or 20 times the number of polling places so that everyone can vote in a religious building in which she feels comfortable, the only solution is to remove ALL polling sites from religious buildings.

There are plenty of secular public locations to host polling sites a grand total of twice a year: schools, fire departments, courthouses, libraries, recreation centers.
Of all public activities, the one constitutionally furthest from religion is voting.  Keep them separate.

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Ten Bears said...

What with that whole no religous test seperation of church and state thing