Friday, August 19, 2016

Governor Scofflaw Urges Lawbreaking

Boy, has Judge Phillip "Honey Badger" Shepherd gotten under Bevin's skin.

Gov. Matt Bevin has urged the new University of Louisville Board of Trustees to meet in apparent defiance of a judge’s order blocking them from acting.

In an interview on WHAS-AM radio Wednesday, Bevin told host Terry Meiners that “the new board is not enjoined. The new board has authority to meet and they should do exactly that.”

In a July 29 order, Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd ruled that the “governor's appointment of replacement board members and their authority to act as the duly constituted Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville” was “temporarily enjoined,” pending a final resolution of Attorney General Andy Beshear’s lawsuit contesting Bevin’s power to abolish the old board and appoint a new one.

The injunction also blocked Bevin, “his agents, employees and all other persons acting at his direction from taking any actions to implement his orders on U of L."

Beshear, who won the temporary injunction, said in a statement that Bevin encouraging defiance of a court order is a "serious matter that should concern all Kentuckians. We live in a country governed by the rule of the law, which must be respected.”

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