Saturday, August 13, 2016

Andy Barr's a Lying Idiot Who Hates Kentuckians

The War on Poverty, aimed directly at the horrific conditions in the Kentucky Mountains, failed because President Lyndon Johnson had to pay for the War in Vietnam, and then Dick Nixon and congressional repugs stripped the rest of the programs' budget.

Yes, Barr's remarks are repug orthodoxy for the past 40 years, but that does not make them any less vicious and cruel to the working poor people of the Commonwealth who are being fucked over by a repug governor and congressional repugs like Barr.

From the Herald:

The federal government’s war on poverty was an expensive failure that made generations of Americans dependent on handouts, says U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington, who is promoting a conservative alternative this election year.

Barr has co-authored a report for the House Republican Study Committee that recommends sweeping changes in federal benefits for the poor. There would be more work requirements and lifetime limits, similar to what Congress imposed on welfare recipients in 1996. The federal government might turn over programs, such as food stamps, disability payments and public housing, to the states in the form of block grants, while encouraging states to narrow eligibility and eliminate fraud.


Back in Central Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District, Barr’s Democratic challenger on Nov. 8, Nancy Jo Kemper, said she isn’t impressed by his suggestion that poor people “just need to get a job.” For one thing, many poor people already work or desperately want to, Kemper said.

“Part of my complaint with this,” Kemper said, holding a copy of Barr’s report at her campaign office, “is how much it blames the poor for their poverty, rather than our failure as a society to help with job training, child-care expenses, reliable transportation, health insurance, minimum-wage increases — all of which could lift people out of poverty. He says quite strongly that Washington bureaucrats cannot lift people out of poverty. And I beg to differ. You have only to point to increasing the minimum wage to see what it does to add a boon to the whole economy.”
Nancy Jo Kemper, you voters in the Sixth District.  Get the fuck off the couch and make sure she kicks Barr's lying, repug, Trumpist ass out of Congress.

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