Monday, November 9, 2015

Repugs Love the CRAZY Shit Carson Spouts; Still Won't Vote for a Ni**er

I told you Bevin would beat Jack "I-lost-to-Rand-Paul" Conway.  Now I'm telling you there isn't a white repug (and 99.999 percent of them are white) on earth who will vote for Ben "I'm-a-good-ni**er" Carson.

But as we approach voting season, with Carson not only leading most polls but exhibiting (among Republicans, anyway) unearthly approval ratios, the increasingly compelling question is whether GOP voters aren’t hearing The Crazy in Carson’s calm, “common-sense” discourse, or are hearing it and agree.
Yes, Ed, they do agree.  They want a candidate and a president exactly as motherfucking crazy as Ben Carson.  A WHITE candidate and president exactly as motherfucking crazy as Ben Carson.

I said it before:  Carson could go into Iowa with 99 percent approval; he'll still come out with precisely zero votes.

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Gerald Parks said...

Accurate post ...and well said!